Unnecessary Costs Map component (Geo location API)

Hi all!

I love the maps component, but I have a problem with it, the cost. I have a map with 100 pins, everytime a user loads this map it uses 100 geo location API calls! How can I prevent this from happening? I already tried to only use coordinates, but that didn’t seem to work.

I should only need the geo location API once, after a user creates a new location based on a address to switch it to coordinates, not everytime!

Anyone? Am I wrong? Anyone looked in to this?
@Colin do you maybe know more about this?

I’m not sure I am qualified enough on this subject to make recommendations. My understanding of it is that it would need to make those requests everytime to the API to “draw” the pins on the map.

I’m not sure of the technical workaround for this, other than some form of caching, which again, goes beyond my technical capabilities.

If you have an example of how other apps (outside of Adalo of coursE) that do this, so we could make a comparison, it would help a lot.

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Well, since I pull my pins from the database which stores coordinates I do not really need the geo API to calculate coordinates. That is only needed if you have addresses stored in your database, instead of coordinates. (Atleast as far as I understand)

It would be nice if the geo API can be turned off for people who store coordinates.

Could you try turning off geo coding on your Google cloud console settings and see if coordinates still load?

I know addresses will most likely fail if you turn it off, but coordinates maybe OK?

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Hi @DylanS,

As an alternative idea - may be this may help?


I will try that and see if the component still works!

I would like to have maybe hundreds of clickable markers in my map. That’s why I would like to reduce the costs:)

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