Upcoming Component Marketplace - QA

Curious how Adalo will control quality for marketplace components.

Bubble went down this road, got out of plugin building entirely, hoping community would handle.

Problem is, turn over a platform to a marketplace and the stuff that gets made is not great. In fact, the Bubble component marketplace is mostly a junk heap imo (with rare exceptions).

Bubble eventually recognized this and has recently resumed building components & plugins, after a 1-2 years-long hiatus.

Another issue is that the few marketplace plugins that are initially useful tend to break over time as the Bubble platform is upgraded or as the plugin dependencies change and the component creators don’t upgrade. The forum is littered with frustrations over broken plugins.

Wondering if you guys have considered these issues? A marketplace sound great on paper but might be hard to execute/control for quality in practice. Maybe you already have solutions to this, would love to hear it, would be great to avoid Bubble’s mistakes.


I absolutely agree with @scriptchool on this - in particular the poor quality of most of the Bubble extensions and the fact that the people that took time to build them end up taking on a monumental task of support/upgrades to keep pace.

Perhaps one option is that if an extension is good enough, and popular enough, the Adalo team adopt it and maintain it as if it were core?

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Hello @scriptchool,

I’m glad to join Adalo community. As I’m currently a react native developer and want to make paid components, how can I achieve it? Or is it possible by now?

Tried researching all sections in https://developers.adalo.com/docs/ but don’t have any ideas about how to make components get paid.

Thanks for building such a great platform. :smiley:

Coming back to Adalo after a few months to update my app. I’ve tried to use 2 components - but there is no documentation for them, and no linked tutorials. Components should not be added to the marketplace without at least basic docs or tutorials… even a basic screen recording walking through the component would be helpful.

Is it possible to build a free component that people can use for free but if they hit a certain threshold of usage they can pay for it?