Update Action not appearing in Form Dropdown

When I create a form, “What do you want the form to do?” option do not list the update action. It neither listed the Delete.
Please let me know how I can update a record.

You can update a record when your form is in the detail screen of a list item, that way you can update the current list item, or delete it.

Your form can also be part of the list item itself, not necessarily in the detail screen of the list item.

Ok, I will try that. But I am not dealing with list here. I exactly have the record with me which I need to update.
Is it not possible without involving list?

So yes, when adding a form you should have access to the update function… Weird if you haven’t it!

I have a similar issue, where I want to edit existing data, but the fields are not part of a form. Is it possible to update the fields if they are not part of a form?

A form can only update a logged in user if that form is not within a list or a list of itself.

Without being part of a list, the form would not know which record to update and therefore it is required. This is why it is also only available by default for logged in users because that record data is of course always exposed.

By simply making the form a list of the collection you are trying to update, the update action will become available.

Then it is simply a case of using filters to determine the exact record you want to update.