Update groups & separate screens for different user types?

I am currently creating an app like Facebook groups. I have superusers that can create a group and normal users that can join a group. The superuser can create events in this group and users can choose to join events. Everyone is entitled to create posts and add comments on a certain post.

The problems I’m facing right now are the followwing:

  1. When a user create a new post, I’ll update the group (as an action), but it updates all groups. I would think there is an option that says 'update current group - posts - all. But the only option I can choose right now is 'update logged in user - post - all. Maybe I set something wrong in the database, but I can’t find it out myself.
    I have the same problem with ‘creating a new event’ It updates all groups instead of current group.

And another question is about the screens. Currently I have separate screens for admin users and common users. So for example an admin has a screen called ‘My group’, and the user has a screen called ‘my group user’. Is this the right approach?

Regards Jesse

Sounds like the data available on the page is not the “group” data so the user cannot update the group if the page does not have the groups information.

Your second question - It’s hard to say it’s the wrong approach if it works for your use case.

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