Update Relationship Properties with Buttons

Since I’ve been looking for good ways to change a relationship property (e.g. Status property with a given collection of statuses) with just the click of a button, I have created the following demo app with four different ways to do so, each of which seem more or less like a workaround:

  1. make a collection of a button and use the status name as a magic text
  2. make a collection of multiple icons where each icon is displayed selectively based on the current status name
  3. make several collections which each is filtered for one status and display one icon for each collection
  4. make a dropdown and an update button. Unfortunately there is no possibility (I know of) where the dropdown can update a property directly without a button.

To put the icing on the top I also added highlighted buttons/icons for the currently selected status.

Any suggestions on additional possibilities? Which one is the best for performance (apart from the dropdown)?

Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug currently, where the status update is saved in the database but not displayed until the app is restarted.

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