Update user property by replacing related object with another?

I’m not exactly sure how to explain this correctly, but here is the deal:

in my Adalo application, I ask users to select a “home location” from a collection of locations, and that is stored as a “home base” relationship(many users to 1 location) to my list of available locations.

Later in the application, I am giving users a list of locations to choose from, as well as a separate consisting of 1 location (this is their home location I am showing through logged-in user info).

On the list of locations (Not the home base, when clicked it goes to a page consisting of the current location details.

but, on this current location details, I have added a button that I am trying to get to update the user’s home location, with the page’s current location.

I’ve been fiddling around with the update action, but whenever I am going through the properties i am trying to update, instead of switching the user home location with the current page’s location, it is updating the home location itself with current location data (yikes this is getting confusing.), OR, not showing on the home list at all.

is there something I am doing wrong with the data base thats not allowing me to access obvious options to update? is there a better component suited to complete this?

Once again, thanks for your time Adalo community, you guys rock!