Data Base Over Write? Update User Relationship With Object

Hello Community.

I’m having some issues updating the User relationship with another object in a collection of locations.

When users are first setting up their profile after signing up they are prompted to select a home location.

Once they open up the list of locations on another page, they can select a location and are given the choice to make the current location their home location.

Here’s the issue. Im not sure how to update the user(not given the choice), and for the properties I am given the choice to update, it updates the user’s home location with the page’s current location, instead of just switching the location with another, its overwriting the users home location with current page info, and ultimately overwriting the location associated with the user in the locations collection.

Any idea how I would or should go about fixing this?

Hi @jafasier50 ,

When you show the list of locations, have a button inside the list that its actions is to update logged in user and choose the property and update it with current location.

Assuming you have relationship between users and location with many to 1.

Explanation is harder, easier to just do it.

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