Updated since last visit dot

I think I have tied myself in knots - but I am trying to put a dot on an item to show since it was last viewed by the user it has been updated (by it’s owner( another user))
I have tried setting up another collection (last viewed) with a new entry created every time an item is viewed by a user with a date and relationships with item and users (this is great for a viewing history for the logged in user & the item- but when I am trying to use viability to turn on the dot - I can’t drill down to the last date the user visited the item (i can see the last date the item was updated fine)
Any suggestions ?
Thanks in advance.

I’m sorry but I am a bit lost and need more details.

What is this “dot” you are referring to?

Can you post some screens of what you have set up already and what exactly you are trying to achieve as the end result?

Like the Red dot instagram has next to your profile pic if you have notifications/ likes/ followers - since you last looked at the app - same principal but I want a log I can refer to for the date of the last time a user viewed an item so I can do a visibility rule and in so doing compare it with the date the item was updated - any clearer?

Towards the end of this tutorial, there is some similar functionality added to the chat: https://help.adalo.com/videos/chat

I’m certain this will answer your questions about it. Let me know if it doesn’t.

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