Updating collection A is not updating related collection B

I have 3 collections (all have relationships with each other):

  • Users

  • LibraryItems
    (A master inventory of all items in my library. Each item has a True/False “available” field).

  • LibraryRecords

When a user borrows an item, a LibraryRecord is created, and the “available” field in the LibraryRecord is updated to False.

I can check that item in and out, and see the availability toggling correctly in the LibraryRecord collection. But the availability toggle is not changing in the master LibraryItems collection.

Shouldn’t the relationship component take care of this? Or do I need to also (separately) update the LibraryRecords collection?

Hi Michael,

You need to update that related item too with a update action inside the toggle.

Hope I understood the question correctly!

Thank you

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I think you did understand it correctly. But I’m surprised it works this way.

LibraryItems collection is a master inventory of tools.

LibraryRecords collection is created whenever someone borrows a tool. It is essentially a record of what tools have been borrowed.

A relationship exists between those two collections.

There is a true/false “Available?” toggle in both collections.

I always thought that, if I update the toggle in one collection, the relationship would cause the same field in the other collection to change. Is that not correct?

You need to update that linked record from a Update action too! But I’m guessing why you need to update the LibraryItems collection true/false property because it’s not user specific.

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