Unable to update collection relationships

Hey! So I’m building a very simple app where I can populate a Calendar with events based on which collections are matched with the logged in User (See Image 1).

Once the app is opened, they are taken to a blank calendar. The button on the bottom left links to the screen that pulls their user data from an external database bubble via a user ID. This includes their email, ID, and true/false flags for whether they own a specified collection.

Then (for now), I create a Temp_User with these properties, which are pulled from my external database (bubble).

Now what I’m currently doing is updating the True/False flags on the Temp_User to match the data pulled from the database for that ID… but what I want to do is add the matching collection when associated property is True, and remove the matching collection when associated property is false. But when I try that I can’t add Relationships?

Ideally I would like to do this for the actual User profile that I signed up - but User account data was messier to manipulate with Actions, so for now I’m just doing it all with a Temp_User collection.

Any ideas how I can trigger an update to Temp_User’s (or User’s) Collection via the True/False property?

Hi @Galator,

What is the matching collection? Can you show us some screenshots about your Database?

To update many to many relationships you need to create a record first before the update action or the component should be a list.

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera ,

Thank you for responding. So, the Temp_User I’ve created has an ID, a true/false for two collection names, and a relationship with Collections. The Collections have a Name and Icon, as well as a relationship with the Temp_Users. (The collection_tiers is a subset of Collections so I can organize the calendar).

I’m trying to Update Temp_User > Collections > Add XXXX : Sometimes > Only if XXXX is true.

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