Uploaded picture sometimes not recorded in database

I’m working on an Instagram clone.
I use a form to ask the user to upload a picture (called: “post_image”). When doing that, I automatically set the database fields “post_author” and “author_profilepicture” to the logged-in user’s username and user’s profile picture.

Unfortunately, both pictures (author_profilepicture & post_image) do not appear in my “newsfeed” which is a custom list. Only the author’s username appears correctly.

Surprisingly, when building an “edit profile” feature where logged-in users can edit their profile picture, everything works fine.

Thanks in advance for your help. Not sure if this is a bug on Adalo’s end or mine. I tried many time to solve this, relaunch the app, change the database field names, etc.

@thib could you share a screen shot or screen recording of how you have the magic text in your custom list set up?

Here it is for the “author_image”.

Almost same path for “post_image”.

The “new post” form setup might be helpful here:

It seems like the automatic field is not “catching” the logged-in user’s profile picture.

Other might be helpful image:

The post_image gets recorded correctly in the collection but does not display in the newsfeed (as stated before). The author_image remains empty…

Thanks for your help.

Instead of using the automatic field try setting it up on the action of the submit button as an extra action to update the new post.