Urgent! Collections in the database will be gone

We developed an app that has hundreds of users. we opened the editor to make some changes to the App. And when we saw the database, everything disappeared! All users, all collections. The most interesting thing is that it was a very important app for us. Not all, but specifically an App. Has anyone ever experienced this ? Please Adalo, what happened? Why are all collections in our app gone?

We just found out that you were a member of our team. He copied the application and kept the database together. He was deleting the collections and leaving only 3. In that he didn’t notice that he was deleting the collections from the main application. Adalo team, can you tell us if there is a way to recover this app’s collections? That was our big mistake. We verified and found that a contributor deletes the collections and all users of that app.

Hey @paulomorales Submit a ticket with an exact time you’d like us to restore to, and we dan do that. We can only go back 4 days though.


Wow! I can’t believe it.
We dedicated ourselves a lot to build this App. It was deleted on 10/23/21 - São Paulo-Brazil time at 11:30 am
I submitted a ticket to support regarding this. But we don’t talk about finding out what happened. The app is PINC. If you can help us with the app as soon as possible it will be very important to us because we have hundreds of users waiting.
Gratitude for the quick response.

We are submitting a support ticket as well.

Hi, I saw that the collections in the databases have not returned. We send you an email asking you an important question.

I understood perfectly regarding the deadline. I had a doubt. When you retrieve the collections do you think it will also come back with the relationships between collections? And what was configured on the screens, will it also come back or will everything have to be done again?

Hey Paulo,

I’m sorry that this happened to you! We are working to get this restored for you, but that takes time as it requires a database restore, and that takes quite a bit of time on our side. We will follow up in the ticket directly.


Obrigado Ben. Pelo empenho da equipe. Ficamos no aguardo. Gratidão :pray:

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