Urgent - DNS emergency before live demo at 3pm EST / 12pm PT

I put the “.” after hosting.adalo.com however it auto deletes when click save.

I named it “app”

What do I need to do . . . wish there was easier documentation after I upgrade and input custom domain

It just goes to my Parked godaddy page crispify.ai is the end URL.

@anon78309838 any advice here? You’ve helped me out of many snags before <3.

Did I do this the right way on the Adalo side?

Hi @breathengo,

DNS setup for app.crispify.ai is correct:

$ nslookup app.crispify.ai

Non-authoritative answer:
app.crispify.ai canonical name = hosting.adalo.com.
Name: hosting.adalo.com

Now you need to add this domain as a Custom domain in Adalo.

On the Adalo side when I click Publish --<> add custom domain - it’s not showing up . . .

Thank you Victor!

Hi @breathengo

Did you try Publish -> Progressive Web App -> Domain drop-down “Add Domain” -> in a pop-up window on the bottom “Add Custom Domain” and add app.crispify.ai there?

Dude thank you. It worked and it feels great to turn idea into reality.

I had to use my Plan B and use Embed function in ClickUp to do my demo today - however this will be exciting to show progression.

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Do you do any Adalo consulting / other capabilities? Can you send me your website if so?

Otherwise - thanks for being a community contributor!

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Hi @breathengo,

DM’ed. Thanks for your kind words!

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