URL Screen Not Acting Normally

Hi everyone,

I have a screen in my app that displays the URL of a website that a user decides to add.

If the user wants, he can delete the news article from the app.

When the user clicks the delete button, I add these actions:

  1. Delete Current Article
  2. Link Back

What actually happens is this:

  • The delete button disappears
  • The article returns to the screen
  • User does not navigate back to the screen before the URL screen

Not sure if this is a bug or I’m just missing something. Any help would be much appreciated!


Can you please provide a screenshot of you are displaying these?

^Before I press delete button

^After I press delete button

^Actions on delete button


Ok so why are you using an icon and group?

Why don’t you add directly a right icon in the bar

Because I only want the icon visible for the creator of the new article

And with the built in icon bar you can’t add visibility differences

The reason for the icon and group is because when I don’t use a group the icon will slide all around the screen at random and not stay in one spot

Yeah now i see

When you press the delete icon, does the database do any updates?

Yea it actually does delete the article

Can you change the “back” action, try linking it to another screen please

So that works, I’ve already tried it

But there are multiple ways to get to a news article so I can’t just substitute back with a specific screen link

Oh i see, as i can analyze is: The back button gives you the ability to go back without doing any refresh to a list or anything, but when the article is deleted, that “deleted article” is not found so that may be causing a bug or glitch.

Ok interesting. I guess I’ll submit a ticket and see what happens.

Thanks for your help Jimmy :+1:

Good luck, you’re welcome.

and i’ll do a test on my end too

Awesome :muscle:

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