US city state zip code database?

I have two questions about creating a form where users can input their address. I’m referring here to US addresses.

First, I’ve seen on some websites that, when you input your ZIP code (postal code), the fields for state and city automatically populate. I assume these forms pull from some external database, maybe the postal service.

Is there a way to do this in Adalo so I don’t have to manually create address collections?

Or, second possibility, has anyone already created this kind of address collection they could share with me? It seems like asking users to provide their address would be a common part of the signup process (for some types of services).

I’d appreciate any assistance on this. Thanks so much!

Many ways to accomplish this. One is a prebuilt database, the other is to use an API service like

If you use, signup for a free account, create a JS API key (not just the API key you get, but JS Key). Then configure it as a custom action. Something like this:


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