Zip Code validation and Convertion

Hi There. I have a requirement for my app to e able to validate a 5-digit zip code and then identify its city and state. Has anyone done this before that can give me pointers? I’m aware that this will likely require an external interface with perhaps the USPS APIs. Much appreciated.

So I tried to create a custom action and that was successful. Here is a screenshot of what I created. The test was successful. But what I do not know are:

  1. where the results are located?
  2. how to I get access to it?

Can someone help? Thanks.

Hi @rt_neri ,
I see you have “format=jason” instead of “format=json”. The rest from the documentation looks fine.

Just tested it and looks fine, you get all results.


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Hi JL_LJ, thanks for spotting the error. I’ve corrected that and now get the structure with test data. I also added an action to update the record (following the video tutorial) from which the zip code is coming from but for some reason, I do not get any results when I run the actions. Any thoughts on what I missed? Thanks.

Where are your inputs coming from? What triggers these custom actions?

Will this be running always from your own account? Or users would add their own key? If yours, then you don’t need to add the “Key” dynamically. Just add the key directly instead of the magic text.

Your magic text also seems weird, I get same as Adalo’s response with “results”:


You have “Zipcode >”.

You can clone my app: The One with The Zip Code

Hi JL_LJ. I renamed the variable but maybe that is what caused. it. And yes, the account will be mine; the users do not have to input that; only input is the zip code. I will clone the app and study it.
Thanks you again! Very much appreciated.

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