Use conditional visibility to show different levels?

I have a hard time figuring the best way to get this to work:
I have a simple set of levels that the user can obtain if he has the right amount of points.
Level 1 0-20 points
Level 2 21-40 points
Level 3 41-60 points
Level 4 61-80 points
Level 5 81-100 points

If the user has 45 points, he should only see the level 3 card.

I tried to use “is between”, but I think I am messing up the logic. Because with this setting no level card is shown in the app.

If I do this:

Then I can see a level card in my app:

But how can I get this to work when I need to check against the logged in user points?

Here is a picture of the level database if it is of interest:

Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:
Tor Martin

Hi @Tor_Martin ,

  1. For between, the latter expression is not really equal, so I prefer to have greater than or equal and less than or equal instead.

  2. Add another property called level id at activity collection and levels collection, use this id to filter and get other levels’ property. You need dynamic relationship here.

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