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I’ve recently submitted an app to the App store, and I had previously thought about it (not too much - tbh).
But I was wondering if it is possible for a user to delete their own account, and if there are resources regarding this?
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Hi @QED,

Flawless ( @Flawless ) informed about this us earlier! :saluting_face:

See here : Apple App Store Submissions will require an "account deletion" option starting June 30th, 2022

I think what you need is a button with the Delete Logged in user action. Not sure if the records that user created also has to be deleted! Maybe @Flawless can add some more information about this? :upside_down_face:

Thank you

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The requirements are pretty simple. You need a way to allow your users to either delete their account and all of their account information OR you need a way for the user to request that their account gets deleted.

Depending on the complexity of your user’s account and their collection relationships (like how many records the user has created), you’ll want to set up a way to delete mass records upon account deletion.

This is a huge and vivid example:

In this screenshot, when the user clicks “Yes Delete” on the first screen, this initiates the following screens to delete each set of records that belongs to the user.

So like, in this one, a user has pets, and pets have a lot of different types of records (allergies, behaviors, rules, exercises, dislikes, favorites, medications, vaccinations, vet visits). Each screen contains a list of records for the logged-in user. Within the list is a countdown timer that deletes the records. Once the record count for that list type is equal to zero, it moves to the next screen. The 2nd to the last screen deletes the user’s pets, then their account. Then logs out the user, and sends them to the last screen.

This can be very very slow if the user has a ton of records that need deleting.

The alternate method is that a user requests to delete their account. You can do this with a form component. When a user requests to delete their account, you can manually go in and delete the records you need. Then, you can delete the user account.


That’s great. Many thanks for the help.

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I would really appreciate a demo video of what you demonstrated in the pictures. the lists with the timer implementation etc.