User Following Help

Does anyone know how to make every user that signs up automatically follow me?

Lmk what steps ! Thanksss

That depends how you have your system set up :slight_smile:

If you follow this tutorial:

All you will need to do is create an action on the signup button that updates the user and adds your account to their follow list.

yea i set my app up this exact way, i’m still a lil confused trying to get everyone to follow a certain account when they first sign up, idk why i’m having so much trouble lolll

Is it always the same account they need to follow?

Yes always the same account, similar to Tom with myspace

Basically to do this you would need to build the signup form manually with ext inputs.

Then for the “Submit” button, you would make that a list of users. Then add a filter for “Email” is equal to “”, so that this button only returns one user (the user you want to be followed).

Then when the user is created, you need to update that logged in user and add the “current user” to the favourites relationship.

thannksss !! I really feel like that would work but my file is too big I think it won’t let me add the current user to the logged in users followers, it just crashes everytime! its ok thooo

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