Creating the Follow Function in Adalo (Followers and Following Others)


btw, you can use the Toggle btn for indicating the following on the (custom) list.


Thank you for this tutorial however I am struggling to adapt what you have done to my app need. I am building an app where a user can curate a list of what he/she likes (photos and screenshots, kind of like Pinterest). I want to allow the user to “add friends” who can then see the list the user has curated. Users of the app should be able to view one and other’s curated lists once they become “friends”. There is no comments feature in my app.

I would be extremely grateful for any tips/advice on how I can build the follow feature to give the functionality I have described.

@Taz Good question. So a friends feature works a bit differently. You would basically have an add friend button that would trigger a notification to the other user. When the user click the notification, it would take them to a screen to approve or deny the request (the approve button will update both users to include each other). In the database, it basically looks the same as what I’ve done here, but you’ll filter list/page visibility based on if they are friends (following) with each other.

Thank you for the reply, that definitely adds a bit more colour for me.

How would I be initiating that initial friend request? Would the initial user search for the “friend” by searching for the friend’s email address?

(thank you for your time)

Yes you could certainly do it that way. Think Facebook for this- there would be an add friend button next to each person in a list of people that’s searchable by name, email, username, or any other property you want. Clicking the add friend button creates a record in a collection called notifications with properties called sender and receiver. A notification is triggered and then it proceeds the way I described above.

Thank you for that clarification. I’ll be giving that a go! :slight_smile:

Hi Patrick,

I’ve played around with the setup and I’ve been unable to get it to work as intended. I know this is a big ask but I was wondering if you’d be willing to jump on a quick Zoom call with me to talk me through some of the details. I’d be most grateful for the help, but of course, understand if you’re unable to.

Sure I can do that or I might do a tutorial on how to set it up for friend requests.

Thanks for the response Patrick. The eager side of me would take you up on the zoom call however a tutorial would be of benefit to lots of other people so yes plz do that.

One request for the tutorial - can you please include, as is the case of my app, how one would begin if there was no comments section in the app to initially find other users. Instead, the potential friends will just be other users of the app and so some sort of search function would need to be created to find the friends you want to add. Appreciate that’s a very specific use case but any tips in the tutorial on that would be most helpful. Thank you again.

Hi Patrick,

Does that offer of a zoom call still stand? If so, I’d love to take you up on it.

Just found your tutorial on nocodery :blush: preordering now, exactly what I needed!

Awesome! And yes the Zoom call definitely still stands. If you could just fill out the contact form here so I can get your email to send the link to and keep track of our convo: