How to create an "add friends" feature for my app?

Hi All,

I am building an app where a user can curate a list of what he/she likes (photos and screenshots, kind of like Pinterest). I want to allow the user to “add friends” who can then see the list the user has curated. Users of the app should be able to view one and other’s curated lists once they become “friends”.

I have built out the functionality to curate the list, but it’s this final, major step, that I am stuck on. I would be extremely grateful for any tips/advice.

Thanks in advance!

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There’s some really good information on ‘following’ users here, which you might be able to adapt:

Would your ‘friends’ would have the same relationships as followers? @pfordmedia has done some great videos on making the follows work too - Creating the Follow Function in Adalo (Followers and Following Others)

Thank you very much! i’ll have a look through those tutorials.