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I’m building an app that incorporates a chat feature and profiles.
I’m having a problem having Current User and Current Post be selection choices. I know I’m setting things up wrong. Is there a tutorial or something that would take me through the right process?

Hi @Gene_E . There are quite a few online. But I believe this one is very complete and thorough.

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Thanks for the message.
I’ve seen this one.
None walk through that loggedin user current user setup.

Hi @Gene_E :wave::wave:

Did you watched that Adalo chat tutorial?

Thank you :blush:

I think do like this.
@Gene_E if you are using the custom list or any list to present the user’s choose the components are in the custom list or any other list you added and make a list and then choose the collection to user’s and then add a filter email is not equal to logged in user email. Then click the custom list or any other list you added and you can add current user.

If you want to get the current user to the other screen link from the first screen and look does the current user also linked. I think this will help you.

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Watch this tutorial video created by Adalo .

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I’ll try those suggestions.
Thank you.

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Your welcome Gene :blush::blush:. Try and see. If I’m wrong someone will help you Gene.

Thank you :innocent:

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