User specific calculations

I am building an app that will show users what country is best suited for them to move to based on a set of criteria.

Basically a user will give a rating for each criterium and this will be used to rank countries based on how well they perform under each criterium.

The background data that I have is basically a ranking for each country based on all the criteria, what I need to happen is for the user to input his scores and then for the top countries based on that to be displayed back to the user.

Adalo’s built in math functionality is not very robust and I can’t seem to do matric multiplication to achieve this. Is there some other way you propose to do this? I have thought of making uses of API’s in order to export user inputs so some calculations app that does the matrix calculations and then sends the user specific results back to Adalo using another API?

Any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Zirk,

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You’re right, unfortunately it is quite difficult to do complex mathematical operations in Adalo. You can try to use external services for that. If you’re familiar with “full code” development, you can write the functions needed and place them in Google Cloud Functions or in AWS Lambda.
As an alternative, you can use something like Integromat to perform the calculations (by the way, you can also update records in Adalo collections directly from Integromat, so most probably one Custom Action will be enough).

Best regards, Victor.

Hi @Victor

Thanks for the idea. Is it possible to export user inputs to Google Cloud Functions and then perform calculations on them?

Just another question, how would I keep users from influencing each others inputs

Hi @Zirk,

Yes, it is possible. Please have a look at Custom Actions help page: Custom Actions - Adalo Resources. You can set up your API endpoint, define the request and response variables. Then you create a custom action in Adalo, which will send the required variables to your function.
This also answers your 2nd question - as each custom action call can contain the user-specific data.
Please note that you can’t send multiple records from the collection in custom action (unless you specify them by hand).
If you need that, you’ll have to get data from the Adalo collection via API from your function.

Best regards, Victor.

Awesome thanks a lot

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Hi @Victor , is there anyone you know of who can walk me through this process? I would very much like for this app to be up and running by the end of the month and I am fairly new to this

Hi @Zirk,

I guess you’d need some coaching. Here is the Adalo Experts page where you can find someone who might be able to help: Find Freelance Adalo Designers, Developers, & Agencies

Best regards, Victor.