Username restictions

I want to make sure no one utilizes any racist slurs as usernames? Is there a way to combat this within adalo? I feel like its very important.

Hi @adalouser500

Three points on this:

  1. You’ll probably do this manually to start with.
  2. You can implement a feature for users to flag inappropriate content and have a workflow for you to review it (required for social media apps in iOS store)
  3. You could build out an entire system to catch these if you had a list of everything you wanted to catch (if username includes X, y, z, flag as inappropriate.

In short, not Adalo’s place to prevent that. You need to build the system you want for it (which is doable).


Hey @adalouser500,

Our input validator a NoCode Monkey will allow you to block specific words, characters, or even spaces from appearing in usernames.
Feel free to DM me if you have any questions about it. I can answer any questions that you have.

Here’s a demo of what it looks like.

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Great response, great video! Thank you!
Do you have rates for custom components made through adalo ?

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We have a store with a lot of components right now and we are always adding more.
If you need something that isn’t in our store, we could build one for you, depending on what it is. Rates would depend on difficulty. Just sent you a DM so we don’t clog up the forum.

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