Users to another app

Hello Adalers i hope you all are fine.

I Started in adalo a year ago and make a companie and app out of it.

Now i need to make a all new APP because i made a lot of Database mistakes that are slowing down the app and cause problems.

Question: i have 4k+ user on the app with full adresses and personal info.

Ther is any way to put that info in a new APP without sharing the Database?

Thanks in advance

Hi @AfonsoMarques :wave:

You can download the CSV file and import.

Thank you

Hello, with all the others lists it works, but Users don’t

I didn’t understand. You mean not uploading?

I downloaded the CSV file of my app that has two users and I created a new app that the users collection is empty and I imported the file I downloaded and the 2 records have added.

Thank you