Need advice on how to let users rank certain people based on a series of videos they post

I’m starting to plan a new app (apart from the one I’ve already posted about). And I need some advice.

The purpose of this new app is to let users ranks a group of individuals, most popular to least popular, after watching a series of short videos those individuals post.

Each individual will post videos about Topic A, Topic B, and Topic C. Users will watch all Topic A videos and then rank the individuals based on the views each expressed on that topic.

Users will then watch all Topic B videos and then rank the individuals based on that topic.

The ultimate goal is to find the individual whose views best align with your own on a range of topics.

Eventually the users will see a dashboard which shows, for example, that individual 1 best aligns with my views on Topic A, but individual 2 best aligns with my views on Topics B and C.

Is this kind of ranking possible with Adalo? And how would you go about designing it?

I’d appreciate any comments.

You can use the star rating component after they watch each video then have it update different categories.

You can then, if there are multiple, have it displayed as an average of the total ratings?

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