Using Adalo with POS PDA thermal printer


Is it possible to build an app using Adalo, install it on Android PDA system, the one used as POS with attached printer, and be able to print anything from Adalo ? directly or through custom components ?

Anybody tried that before and got any success?

I am working on a restaurants food ordering app and I have everything ready and running live, now I want to build the app for the POS located at the restaurant shop so they can print the incoming orders receipts

Any help or hint on the subject would be highly appreciated since I have no idea how to achieve this

what POS do you use? I made it work for Square

some kind of general use Android PDA like this picture, got it online with no brand name just an SDK with .jar file :upside_down_face:

how it is working with Square? through API or what?

Yes, api custom action

thanks @axme I will look if they have a device like this

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