Using API to send notifications using curl

What I’m missing? I have checked appID and my API key, and everything seems right.
By the way, I’m not using any external database and my apps have been published in IOS and Android.

  1. Try regenerating your API key.
    A multi sided app has different keys, in the past I have mixed them up.

  2. Are you on a plan that supports notifications API?

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In the Professional plan

Did and checked more than twice, still the same error

If 1 doesn’t work then try a support ticket and you should hear back within 1 day.

I’ll run a test myself to check it’s not a wider problem.

I have now different error

You have {} around your app id. Should be just " "

Test worked for me.

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Finally did it. Thanks a lot @Rozza

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Happy to help :+1:

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