⚠️ Are notifications working for anyone?

I’ve tried triggering notifications via the API and via the app itself and nothing has worked.

Can anyone validate that notifications are working as expected for your apps? If so, let me know whether it was API or App-triggered.

EDIT: The api is returning a 200 status and the following body for any user email I try:

	"successful": 0,
	"failed": 1

Here’s the request I’m sending:

POST https://api.adalo.com/notifications

 - Authorization: Bearer [my token]
 - Content-Type: application/json

	"appId": "[my app ID]",
	"audience": {
		"email": "[valid user email]"
	"notification": {
		"titleText": "title",
		"bodyText": "body"

I’m getting no working notifications on android since last week on 2 of my apps

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Personally, notifications are working fine for me. (tested right now)

@njimmy10 were they notifications triggered via the app itself or via the api? If the app itself, have you pushed a new version recently or are you using an older version of your app? If you use the web app, do notifications still function?

And just to clarify, I’m talking about system notifications on iOS and Android, not email or other forms of notifications.

yes of course i know what notifications means

An updated version in-app triggered not from an API… and webapp notifications works

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I had it work once via API (via Integromat). And it came the next day. Never worked since. My app is in TestFlight/iOS.

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:sweat_smile: hey I figured more info was better than less, just wanted to clarify!

Alright well I have no idea what my issue is then… I’ve tried for a ton of different users and with my account specifically, I’ve even tried uninstalling the app and reinstalling it and reapproving notifications.

Did you do anything special to get yours to work?? Is that action being combined with other actions like creations/updates?

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No nothing special, just a normal action configuration…

Well I’m not sure what to do at this point… I opened a ticket with the This is impacting a critical deadline option selected (which is true) and haven’t heard a peep from Adalo support.

This is honestly a full-stop dealbreaker for my team; if we can’t get this working ASAP we’re going to drop the platform entirely and close our account :cry:

Hi @skaiser ,

Try testing with this app,

It is using internal Adalo chat function and quite fast too.

@Yongki thanks for the suggestion, but sending notifications using the app itself should be fairly self explanatory, so if it’s still broken for us, I think it’s something Adalo support will need to get involved in.

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@skaiser ,

I was doing some improvements and test this out.

So, it proves that it works.

Well this thread is 50:50 then… 2 users who report success, 2 who don’t.

The API is for sure broken; I’ve gotten a 200 OK status every time and I’ve gotten 0 successful responses ever but I’ve gotten 2 for a single email, and I’ve gotten 0 successful, 0 failed in the same request, so something is not right.

As far as notifying via an Action in my app, it’s the most vanilla action ever:
Screen Shot 2022-01-26 at 9.12.14 PM

All the other actions there are successful, but we’ve literally never gotten a single notification for Trigger Notification, regardless of the user. When I use the web app, I even get a 200 back from the API call to send the notification, but nothing is ever delivered.

I heard back from Adalo but they basically ignored the context info I provided in the ticket, re-clarified the docs from their site (that I addressed in the body of my ticket), and ignored the attached image from my ticket. So yea… still waiting for help.

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