Using lists for data entry?


My goal is to create a simple “user request” function in my app. The user would enter the “request” screen, check the radio buttons of the products and documents they need, hit “submit” and that information will be added to the “user VAC requests” database. I will show how the function is currently set up and then explain the issue I am having below.

The screen is set up as a group of two lists, each with their own radio buttons, and a “submit” button for the group. The first list is a list of “VAC products” and the second list is a list of “VAC documents”

I have three databases set up for this function:

  1. VAC Product - Has a product name, “needed?” T/F toggle, and a many-to-many relationship to the “User VAC Request” database. This database is the first list in the list group on the request page.
  2. VAC document - Same properties as VAC Product database. This database is the second list in the list group on the request page.
  3. User VAC Request - This is the proposed “output” database. Properties are: Current user full name, current date/time, and the many-to-many relationships listed above.

User VAC Request
VAC Document
VAC Product

Notes on screen setup:

  • the radio button actions are set to toggle “needed?” T/F property for each VAC product and VAC document in their databases
  • the “submit” button action is set to “create → User VAC Request”

My issue: I tested by toggling all radio buttons to “True” and hitting “Submit”. The ideal output would be a new “User VAC Request” record created that lists the VAC products/documents that were selected via the radio buttons. The function does create a new record in the “User VAC Request” database, but the record does not list the selected items in the relationship column. What am I missing here?

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