Validating Custom Forms

Hey Everyone,

Anyone got an idea on how I can validate a big custom form? Is there a component for validating a custom form that is this big? You can see all the fields in the table bellow.

I need to use a custom field because there are some parts of the form (e.g. visability rules and ‘confirm password’) functionality that need to be there.

Yes it just best if I split this whole thing up? I would like to avoid this if possible.

The way I’m validating custom forms is with visibility conditions in the submit button.

Set the first visibility condition → group → set the second visibility condition → group → and so on…

The visibility conditions are linked to the mandatory fields you have in your custom form.

In certain cases, I do have the forms split into two, where it makes sense to do so, where the second part of the form is a pop-up with optional fields.

But does this guarantee full validation? And 100% bring the button back?

Archer Simmonds

Yes. It works for me.

Just ensure you don’t miss any of the visibility conditions and that everything is set up correctly and you are good to go.

Check out this video by Pragmaflow: Tutorial - Adding validation to custom forms - YouTube

It uses javascript to validate the form fields.

I’ve done this for a few forms. Works really well.

Thank you, I will check this out

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