Value in database from another database

Hello !
I am new to ADALO and I have a problem to give a value to a property of a database from values ​​of another database.
Let me explain…
I have a database Exposition with multiples properties.

I have another database Cotations - Règles Exposition

2023-07-27 22_28_09-SuiviExpos

I would like to filter the Expositions according to the values ​​of the database Cotation and retrieve one of the values ​​from the database Cotation to update the database Exposition.

Is it possible with Adalo ?

Links between database Exposition and database Cotations are
Exposition > MonChien > Race ==> Cotations > Race
Exposition > Type Exposition ==> Cotations > Type Exposition
Exposition > Qualificatif ==> Cotations > Qualificatif
Exposition > Classement ==> Cotations > Classement
Exposition > Spéciale ==> Cotations > Spéciale de race

I want to retrieve value Type de cotation from database Cotations and update property Cotation in database Exposition.

and to make matters worse, I hardly understand English so I can’t help myself from the tutorials on YouTube

Thank you for your help

I finally managed to update the database Exposition.
But I have to go through several screens to get there, which is not objective. Is there any automatic processing with ADALO that would allow updates or calculations to be made, for example?