Variable amounts of money in IAP

Hello everyone, I want to know if the IAP component allows me to do the following.

My App is for restaurant reservations, each reservation that a user makes in a restaurant costs 1 dollar, if a restaurant receives 20 reservations in a month they will be charged 20 usd if another business receives 100 reservations … they will be charged 100, their monthly payment It will depend on the number of reservations you have in a month.

Stripe is not an option for my country. That is why I am interested in knowing if IAP will allow me to be able to make this payment with these variant values ​​each month, since the video I saw mentions that the IOS and Android platform products must be pre-configured as fixed ammounts.

saludos y gracias

I don’t think it is (easley) possible with IAP because you have to define the price before. You could define 100 IAP articles with the corresponding price. And display at the end of the month only the article which the the user has to buy.

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