Venting frustration

It is just so incredible annoying and demotivating when stuff just keeps on spontaneously breaking after working for months…

In this case a menu-tab bar that has been in the same app for almost a year now. Suddenly the layering in new app builds is broken. No change from me whatsoever.
No clear way to fix except for copying (the exact same) tabbar from other screen that do still work - and then hoping it stays fixed…

At least in this case it is a visible defect, and not something impacting actions that you only find out about in live builds…

As I said I just wanted to vent… Adalo is an awesome tool - especially for iterating fast. But issues like this force you to test so much after each build (even flows that you are certain were working fine), that you kind of lose a lot of the speed you gained by using Adalo in the first place…

It happens so often that I don’t feel like filing bug-reports anymore - also not helped by needing to fill out all the basic same information every time. If I could just file a bug from the editor itself I probably still would.


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Click the action button and then the 3 dot vertical menu button on the left panel. Click “Arrange > Bring To Front”

Hi Flawless,

Thanks for trying to help out. Appreciate it.
I usually edit the layering from the screen–>components overview. Now tried this as well. Both don’t seem to work in this regard however…

It’s just something very buggy going on. Some shapes are being resized at random - and apparently also the layer order. Probably some new ‘smarts’ that has been implemented in the editor.
The crazy annoying thing is that screens that are fine the one moment, can just ‘switch’ to being wrong now at any time and with no changes made to that screen…

Could also be something to do with copying not properly making elements independent (similar to list filters a few months back).

But as this is a menu-tabbar that appears on 30+ screens it is undoable to rebuild it from scratch for every screen.

I would not rule this out. Even when it was ‘fixed’ I made clear examples to support of ongoing issues.

I believe that if copying a group of items then they are not renamed when pasted, and this can lead to issues.

I started seeing problems on Saturday within the editor. Visibility condition was referencing a group (how is that possible) where previously it had referenced an input box. Fixed it a few times and it would reoccur. Doesn’t sound a million miles from this.

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