Video API not playing

I added an API for streaming football highlights to my database, but when put on a list on my app, the video is not playing.
How can I make the video play?

Hi @chimejoseph,

What API are you using?

Thank you

Hi @dilon_perera

Rapid API

Hi @chimejoseph,
What video format is using to stream football highlights?
I have Adalo video player for hls and m3u8, but need to know if it helps.

Also Rapid API looks like API aggregator, what exact API collection do you use?

ok, you can send let me check. Thanks

The URL of the API is (

Could you please provide example of response from this api, because I don’t have token to make request? From documentation it returns urls to youtube or urls to iframe with youtube. Not sure if video component will work with it, but I believe I can find workaround for you if I know what exactly API returns

API return


I see that there is no mp4 URL that you can add on the Video component to show. But they give us a embed URL that we can display using the Better Web-view component made by Pragmaflow! And also they gives us a URL too that we can display using normal web-view or better web-view!

Better Web-view component download

Better Web View Component :


PragmaFlow Adalo Toolkit

Instructions to Download the Better Web View Component :
PragmaFlow's Marketplace back online

Showing URL

Showing Embed Code


If you can’t figure out will make a video later and post it here!

Thank you

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please I need the video on how to get the Better WebView thanks

Sure, Joseph! Here you go!


Thanks @dilon_perera

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how will I great the result from other components

Ok thanks,@dilon_perera, This is what I was able to achieve with your tutorial thanks a lot. Please I can I get rid of the bar on the video and the code showing on the page

@dilon_perera Do you have any solution to this, I am trying to call API from Rapid API and I am getting an error return

For the scroll bar adjust the height a bit of the web view component!

For the code displaying you can change the color and size in the Arbitrary JavaScript component!

It seems like that you have to add some parameters. I just try this but I see that it’s premium and I can’t test that! Can you share a screenshot viewing this API inside

You need to include the ID’s of the team!

Like this (h2h is param ) :