Final form entry isn't saving

I have 5 different forms, all were working, but after adding the modal, the last entry isn’t saving. I added a modal at the end for a successful entry which somehow i feel is in play for which now the last entry isn’t saving.

Nothing has changed on this (this was working). I even tried adding the same effect on the modal but that doesn’t save it either.

I guess what am i missing in order for the last form to be saved to the db collection now that I have a modal at the end?

On editing the entry, it will save. But the original new entry form isn’t saving the last screen since adding the modal.

Thanks for the help.

Anyone with a solution for this?

Can’t move on till fixed.


figured it out. Had multiple actions below a group action. lol. knew i was clumsy somewhere.

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Just some advice for troubleshooting:

  • remove one action/component at a time and then preview; if it works, try to figure out what was breaking it

  • sometimes, starting from a blank slate is a good idea because maybe you made a mistake

Also, be sure to checkout this help doc about troubleshooting:

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