Category filter won't include "All"

i’ve been twerking and tweaking my category filter with very little success

what went right?
current post category is sent to current group page (so only available categories are visible)

what went wrong?
current filter won’t include “All” in the current list and as such initial view is blank unless the user clicks on the current category (as seen above)

i’ve fiddled and i’ve dabbled and what i would like is to include the option to show “All” as well as, in the current category list

“All” is included in the process of creating the post (but i think i’m missing something in getting it permanently apended to the post)


@Victor et al, all suggestions welcomced.

Hi, if you could grant access to your app or pm me a link to it, I could clone it and have a look and see if I can find the error (I will be able to look at it tomorrow evening).


hi @crmorris2 ,
due to the sensitivity of the project in size and well “sensitiveness” i won’t be able to do either.

However, if you should create a ‘category’ collection with “All” being a record in that collection, among others, and create a upload/post process that adds “All” to each created post then having a horizontal chip list that displays the collection and filter it to post then you will be able to fiddle and see how to reflect the current tag including “All”.

if you should filter to how “all category” then “All” would be visible so the issue here to include “All” in “Current> Category”

@Victor has a tut on this which i followed (however, he’s missing a 3rd part in that series which i would hope would expand on that)

looking forward to see what resolve you are able to come up with.

Hi @ascs,

The 3rd part was about a different approach to categories & filtering :slight_smile: In brief:

  • you create a collection of Categories
  • you include “All” as an entry
  • you create a Many-to-Many relationship of Objects with Categories.
  • for each of your Objects, you add both its category and “All” (so there are 2 relations)
  • you create a relationship User <-> Category (one category can have multiple user, but one user can have only one category). Call this relationship “Selected category”
  • and then, on a horizontal chip list (or any other category selection list), you have an action Update Logged-in User → Selected Category, set to Current Category
  • and as a final step, you add a filter on a main list so that current object’s category contains logged-in user->category (or similar).

In my opinion this should work slower than regular text filtering…

P.S. It’s not the solution to your problem - it’s brief explanation of part III of the video :slight_smile: But hope it will be useful.


this may be useful in the future. thanks @Victor

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