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Is it possible to view the properties of a list when the list item is selected?

For example, I have a list of “Projects”, which have “Client”, “Suppliers”(4 Categories of Suppliers), and files for the particular project.

When the list item, that is, a “Project” is tapped, I want it to open a screen which contains the above details for the projects.

Note that there are multiple projects and each project has multiple suppliers and files, which I want to view in a thread form once the project is selected from the list of projects.

Hi @frostypenguin ,

It is possible and actually a correct way to access your record.

Just put action on that list to link to another screen then you can access them with current of collection name.

Try experiment with them whether it is 1-to-many or many-to-many, you can see that this kind of things are Adalo’s advantage.

Hi @Yongki ,

Thank you for your reply to my issue. Could you please guide me with the exact process of doing so? I am fairly new to Adalo and so am still finding my way through the platform.

Hi @frostypenguin ,

After you complete your database layout, meaning collections and its relationships, you can create screens.

In your home screen, there could be a button to view projects, so you can create another screen to be linked to.

In that screen you can put custom list and set to projects collection, in this list you can put action that is link to another screen, and in this new screen you can see that you can use current collection name to access its property.

That is how we get access to records inside collections, which is by linking inside the list.

Hopefully this is clearer.

Hi @Yongki ,

Thank you for your response. It is definitely clearer and I will give it a go.

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