List collection filtering issue

Hey, have a question about a filter list issue.

  • I have a list of real estate properties that I want to display (item by item)
  • Each user can save or pass a property. It will create a record in the ‘interest’ collection if save, and a record in the ‘feedback_pass’ collection, with the related property ID
  • The issue is that I want to filter the list so that it only shows the properties that the user did not save or pass yet, but it still shows all the properties.
  • I have attached the screenshot.

Do you know what I am missing?

Adalo has a lot of issues, I think there is possibility on something wrong, I have same issue with mines works and stops working…

I’m not an Adalo expert but here’s what I would try.

  1. Add another property in the “Houses” collection called Viewed?. When a House is added to the collection, the Status is automatically set to False (ie, Unviewed).

  2. When a User passes/shows interest on a House, the action updates the Viewed property to True. And also creates a record in your Passes or Interests collection.

Another option is to consolidate- why do you need a Feedback-Pass collection and an Interest Collection? Why don’t you just filter from the Houses (Properties) collection itself? You can have multiple filters on a List.

Properties/Houses -> Viewed = True -> Pass = True
Properties/Houses -> Viewed = True -> Pass = False
Properties/Houses -> Viewed = False


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