Vimeo video link setup

Hi again @James_App_Maker
I’ve been trying to recreate the link like you did when you cloned the app but can’t get the links to work.
How did you set up the url on the home page?

Hi @thegiftinthemirrorap!

Could you please share some screenshots?

Please watch this video:


So Sorry!

No Problem!

Tell me if you need any help!

One question …
Is there a way to not show the url link on the screen? This is what our videos look like just now:

Instead of putting the magic text link name, you could put the name of the video for the title.

Could we overlay the list on an image?

I’ve set up a Vimeo Videos collection but I can’t see where to put the urls apart from in the ‘name’ column. Is there a certain type of collection i need to use?

Just add a name property called “Vimeo Link”!

Ok thanks! I just watched the tutorial which explained that!!

Is a name property a text property?

Yes! :grinning: That is correct!

I can’t get the video to work - it doesn’t load on the weblink screen. Here is how I have set up the two screens, and the database. Can you see what i’ve set up incorrectly?

Can you take a screenshot of what it looks like in the preview on the phone?

On the computer Preview

On my iPhone in Preview

Could you please take a short video of the setup in the Adalo Editor and then preview?

I asked for access! :grinning: