Link dosent work

I want to make af refferel code, to give acces to the right companies for current users.
I have made a text box to right the company number, and then made a button to a list. The list is only vissible if a company number is equal to the text input.
The problem is that it should be possible to click the button and then link to a new screen. But the link dosent work, because nothing happens.
Why doesent the link works?
If i go out of the preview and into it again, it has now chanced to the new screen.

Hello, i sent you a message

Hi @mathias149,

Did you added the actions to the list or to the button? Once you make the button a list and add the filter go under the components section and select the button and then add the actions into that button.

Here’s a example : Company Code.mp4 on Vimeo

Thank you

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