Visibility state

I would like to make visible (or not) an element (for example a text) if another element (another text) is not visible or does not contain information.
Can you give me the trick?
Thanks in advance!

Hi @Juano,

Does the texts are coming from a collection? Like you are on a detail screen of a item and the texts are details of that item.

Or you have entered the texts manually?

Thank you


no, the texts do not come from a collection, that’s the problem! :slight_smile:
I would like to display elements of a list and if no elements in the list, display a text saying “no elements”

thank you!

Elements means? The list right?

When there’s no records a text should display like no elements and if there are records display like have elements?

yes sorry the elements are the list (the elements of the collection).
The text (or anything else even a button) should be invisible when the list is visible and vice versa. If the list is visible, then the text or button disappears

Or simply display a message like “this list is empty”


Are you trying to do something like this?

Or something like this?

Hi @Juano ,

Adding to response from Dilon,

Check empty state which means no record for the related filter, is using count, so in visibility use count equal to 0.

If you want simple solution, use simple list, it has tab about empty state, so you don’t have to play with more components and count visibility.


Thanks Dilon for your answer! it’s OK!
Thank you too Yongki :wink:


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