Visibility & List updating

Hi Team!

If I have an App for construction which has the same sequence of works in each apartment of which have around 8 items per apartment, is there a way that once each sequence is submitted it will check it off the main database for works completed?

Example; 10 flats in total. All of the flats need painting, once flat 1 has been painted and submitted by the painter I would like it to be invisible for other painters and also check flat 1 off the master list on that project…

Hope this makes sense, I’d really appreciate some help here please.

Many thanks,

Hi Frankie,

The easiest way to do this would have a “Status” for each item - To Do, In Progress, Complete. Then filter the lists accordingly (i.e., don’t show completed tasks).


Thanks for your help here Erik, really appreciate it. What would be the best relationship for sequence of works & apartments? If I’m correct, I would use sequence can have many apartments, apartments can only have one sequence, is that correct? Have a great day everyone : )

Yep, that would make sense to me.

How are you doing the DB structure? You might consider calling it a rent ready checklist and having each item be a T/F field that’s checked off when the apartment is ready.

That way you can repeat the process annually.

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