"We haven't seen you in a while" push notification for native app?

Has anyone done this? If so - how did you go about it?

Basically, what I’m trying to create is a notification that is triggered when someone hasn’t used the app in x number of days.

I’ve thought about somehow using the User Last Modified date, but the main problem is that there is no action that I can effectively tie the notification to. More like an absence of action.

Curious if anyone has found a solution to something like this.

Well, it think you can try this:
You can use the action of the (Trigger notification), every time someone opens the app. And in that action you select “All users” and then filter it based on the x number of the days that the current user hasn’t open the app in.


Smart! would there be a way to prevent someone from getting a ton of these notifications? If a 100 people are logging on to the app I wouldn’t want the person not using the app to get 100 notifications…

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Well, then the property of the last time he opened the app should be date&time not date. So i think he’ll get notified only for a specific moment, and not all the day.

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