WEB APP Create record Error

Hello adalers

I’m creating a Web App, but something is wrong

I have a “Button” that i want to “create a record” and “link to screen X”.

When i test in preview it works fine. If i use the SHARE button or tested in the URL, the button create the record but does not link to screen, instead stay in the same one.

PS: already tested all types of buttons, any idea what it could be?

Please all my apps are unusable, can you guys check this. @jessehaywood

Already put a ticket too.

the problem has to be with the custom domain.

something more strange is that if you tested in mobile browser it does not work. but if in the mobile, you use “see as a computer” it work. @jessehaywood

Is this still happening?

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yes, unfortunaly

Ok, thanks. I’m looking into this. Looks like a few others have made some similar posts.

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Yes, indeed. Thanks !

I believe someone has just responded to your ticket.

Yes, i already respond and send a vídeo too.