Web App management console for Staff Itinerary

Hello, is it possible to manage staff itineraries and requirements from the admin console/web app which updates each staff member’s app with specifications? Is there an example of this?

A few admin controllers manage many staff members. The admin console will display each staff member and their itinerary which can be amended via the web app.

Thank you

Hi Natelwin,

I believe this would be a good use of sharing the same database between different apps. So you would make an admin back end that would be able to manage staff itineraries and requirements.

Thanks Barrett. Are there any examples/templates, you know of, that I could review?

Hi Natelwin,

You can check out these videos:

It’s not that hard though once you get started.

As an example:

Just think of the admin section as like an extension of the main app. So for example maybe you have a user need to be verified before they’re approved.

So you’d have a user on the customer app create an account

You’d have on the admin app have a list of unapproved accounts where an admin could check off for verify

Then in the customer app the user would now be able to access the ‘verified’ stuff. Which would probably be hidden behind a conditional visibility setting to ‘only show is user equals verified’


Great. Thank you.

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