Web View Scrolling

Is it possible to make the webview not scroll? I don’t see scroll bars but I can drag the contents up and down with my finger. I want it not to move at all. Is there something I can put in the html code?

It would be nice if it was in the properties for the webview:


You can use the “Fixed” property shown in that screenshot.

Group all the items together that you do not want to scroll and assign it a fixed attribute.

I actually do have the items grouped and fixed to the top. I don’t see any scrollbars which is great, but I can move the contents in the html view up and down.

Would you be able to make a quick video demonstrating that? I’m unable to reproduce it.

The play button is the web-view component. The button and the logo are groups and set to position top.

Another question: Will having this webview component make it more difficult to get approved at Apple? I know they are dropping support for the older WebView.

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@ncmarc I’ve tried to find a way around this but I was not able to come up with a great solution. I hope you have already found your own workaround to it.

I apologize, I did find a way to fix this. On the web page you put this in as a style sheet. When you do this, it will not slide up and down in the Adalo window.

html, body {margin: 0; height: 100%; overflow: hidden}

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