WebApp on custom domain - website not secure -

Hello guys, as always trying to steal from your knowledge. I have succesfully published the app on my domain. Unfortunately the website is not https but http. Domain on godaddy.

Hi @matterbm

SSL is provided by Adalo. Maybe it’s a propagation issue. How long ago did you set up the custom domain to point to Adalo?

in my experiecne, if you go to settings → refresh SSL it will work afterward. It’s the circle arrow there. Press it and it should be fine in a few minutes.

let me know if it works

Hi @axme

Could you share a screenshot of where that setting is? To facilitate finding it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Good idea Charles, here it is!


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Hello everyone! I did not know that Adalo provides SSL as default (probably cause I’m ignorant), I can’t try today as I only can access my iPad but surely was a propagation problem since I opened this topic shortly after. But however thanks to everyone, I’m loving this community more every day!

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Not sure about iPad ( I guess same ) but you can access the Adalo Editor through your phone using the Desktop Mode! I believe you can rest the SSL from there!

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