Webpage URL constantly reloading

Hey guys, I am trying to build a very basic PWA that mostly links to my web page directories that I run on another platform, but am running into an issue when it loads the webpage. It asks for permission twice for my location services then after I accept, it constantly refreshes the page over and over. I have tested this webpage outside of Adalo and it works fine, so I dont know what is causing this to happen. Any ideas?

Can you provide a link to the app so we can see this in action. Also a screenshot how you have set this up in the editor will help us troublehsoot the issue.

Here is a link to the app. It looks and functions fine in the previewer but when you scan the qr code and test on mobile it bugs. I talked with my dev team and the said it could be that sessions are disabled on your end. I hope this is an easy fix, if not Iwont be able to use Adalo. Thanks

Hi @ryanb!

On my end when I view it it’s fine.

Hey @James_App_Maker @Colin so the previewer works fine, but if you actually scan the qr code with your phone and test. That’s where the issue arises. Try that way and see what happens.


Where is the qr code scanner?


if thats link isnt showing the qr code, I took a screenshot as well


Oh, do you mean where it says “Scan to install”?

@James_App_Maker Yep, thats where ive been testing off my phone to see on actual mobile device


So what is the problem here?

@James_App_Maker when you click on Deals at the bottom (which just links to a url) it is constantly loading the page over and over.

I don’t see the page loading over and over.

@James_App_Maker did it ask for your location and did you click “Agree”? Thats when it happens.


It didn’t ask for anything.

@James_App_Maker whats your email, I can send you video link

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