Webview Link Data - Magic Text

Why isn’t there any Magic Text for the booleans (TRUE/FALSE checkboxes) on the webview element>link field? i can’t complete my app after running into this issue :frowning:
does anyone know of a workaround?

I just ran into this problem too. I’m trying to display whether or not a user used their crisis plan during a given crisis. I’m trying to use magic text in a list.

One option would be to try our new Custom Actions to set up the webhook for this. Another work around would be to have two versions of your current webhook screen one for true and one for false. On the screen prior to that you can have conditional actions that would link to the proper webhook screen based on the boolean.

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I currently have a form with multiple True/False check boxes on it, and i’m trying to provide the data of those checkboxes via MagicText to a URL in the webview element.

  • Is custom actions available now? from what i see, it’s still in progress correct?